CPC launches with successful kick-off meeting

Marking its official lauch, the new Center for Politics and Communication held a well-attended kick-off meeting in a rather packed Heeren XVII room in the University of Amsterdam’s Bushuis on Monday April 20.

In front of a large and diverse crowd of invited scholars, journalists, pollsters, consultants, government officals and students, director Claes de Vreese gave an introductory presentation about the CPC and subsequently declared the center as officially open.

This was followed by an engaging and lively debate about “Europe,” the media, and the upcoming European Parliamentary elections in June, led by author and journalist Joris Luyendijk.

The debate participants, together representing the full breadth of the political communication field, were Mark Kranenburg (NRC Handelsblad correspondent), Gemma Buters (press officer on behalf of the European Commission), Claes de Vreese (CPC director and chair of political communcation at the University of Amsterdam), Annelou van Egmond (campaign manager for D66), and René Cuperus (MEP candidate for the PvdA).


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