Claes de Vreese member of The Young Academy (KNAW)

Claes de Vreese is one of ten new members of The Young Academy (De Jonge Akademie – DJA) of the KNAW. DJA welcomes promising young scientists from all disciplines who have obtained their doctorate fewer than ten years ago, have already made their mark in the research world and have a wide-ranging interest in science.
Every year a group of ten new DJA members are selected. Membership of the DJA is for a period of five years. DJA currently has 80 members.
The objectives of DJA are to give young scientists the opportunity to interact with research fields outside their own area of specialisation and open up avenues of interdisciplinary research; to encourage them to develop their outlook on the future of their own and related disciplines, as well as on science policy; to encourage them to use their scientific insights for the benefit of society; and to support them in their development as scientists.

Click here for the original press release.


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